EZ-B IoTiny
EZ-B IoTiny
EZ-B IoTiny
EZ-B IoTiny
EZ-B IoTiny
EZ-B IoTiny
EZ-B IoTiny
EZ-B IoTiny

EZ-B IoTiny

EZ-B IoTiny
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Introducing IoTiny, the smallest tiniest Robot/IoT controller of the EZ-B family. Powered by a 100mhz Cortex M4 ARM processor, the form factor gives you the ability to use custom enclosures or fit in the tiniest of places. Invent new IoT projects by easily controlling and automating nearly anything over the internet.

NOW: 2 in stock, directly available from the Netherlands !!!

* IMPORTANT: All EZ-Robot items are shipped directly from the EZ-Robot plant in China to your shipping address. The ordering method of EZ-Robot stuff is therefore slightly different than normal: place the desired EZ-Robot stuff in your shopping cart, then enter your name and address and skip the payment: just let us know how you want to pay (bank , paypal). We then send the order data to the factory where we receive the correct price (including shipping costs) from them. We will let you know asap (speed depends on the EZ-Robot company), as soon as you have made the payment we will order the EZ-Robot factory to send your order directly to your shipping address.

Additional costs: you may have to pay customs (import) costs before you receive your order, this depends on your order.

This is the fastest way to get your items for a low price. EZ-Robot uses this method to get the costs as low as possible and in this way you always get the LATEST version of your EZ-Robot item (s) !!!

Compatible with EZ-B v4!

The IoTiny is a tiny EZ-B v4. The IoTiny operates the same as an EZ-B v4, which means the tutorials, software and examples apply to both products. Enjoy the power of EZ-Builder with the IoTiny, because it is compatible with the EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller features. Just, a little bit... tinier!

Includes Many Starter Projects

  • RGB Animations
  • Camera Vision Color Detection
  • Movement Tracking of Color with Camera
  • Mobile App Creation
  • MYO Gesture Armband Control
  • Nest Thermostat Integration
  • and more!


  • Controlled by EZ-Builder PC and EZ-Builder Mobile
  • Wi-Fi (Control, Telnet, HTTP, Discovery)
  • Supports EZ-Builder's controls, such as Speech & Visual recognition
  • SDK, Mobile & Microsoft Windows Software
  • Verbal Setup Prompts
  • 8 x Digital I/O, Servo, UART (tx only)
  • 1 x Microphone Input (coming soon)
  • 2 x ADC
  • 1 x i2c
  • 1 x Camera Video
  • 1 x Speaker Output
  • Hundreds of controls & 3rd Party Plugins

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